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Now YOU Can Start Your Own Profitable Mail Order Business … Quickly & Easily!

“Here’s How YOU Can Make 1000% Profit Selling Books!”

Discover Secret Wholesale Book Sources and
Money-Making Book Selling Secrets

Begin Right Now… Small Investment…
Spare-Time Profits… Do It At Home...

Internet and Mail Order’s Best Item…
Books are the best product for Internet and mail order profits. The profit margins are high… up to 1000% profit. Easy to ship and the Post Office has a low Book Rate.

Learn how to get publishers to stock and ship books for you AFTER you have received the orders. This is the easy drop shipping, no-inventory method. Reliable suppliers will drop ship books for you directly to your customers. - Or you can make higher profits when you are ready to stock and ship your own books.

Easy To Start…
Michael Penland’s Wholesale Book Sources and Money Making Book Selling Ideas” tells you where to get books you need at the lowest possible costs. Buying “right” is the key to selling for profits. You need to know the sources that will give you the best possible deals.

Secret Sources Revealed…
Ask a successful Internet marketer or mail order dealer where he buys his material, how much he pays for it, etc., and… do you believe he will tell you? Of course not. He makes his big profits from this hidden, insider information and he is not going to reveal it to newcomers.

Michael Penland gives you the benefit of his more than 30 years experience in the book business. Discover where and how to buy 98% of all books at the lowest possible prices. This manual, Wholesale Book Sources and Money Making Secrets is the Book Dealer’s guide!

Many Secret Sources are revealed in Michael Penland’s Manual. Hundreds of publishers and wholesale sources are listed. Many of them are totally unknown to the public because they do not advertise. Some of them have the lowest prices. You can can get 97% of all books at wholesale prices or lower. NEVER PAY RETAIL PRICES FOR A BOOK AGAIN. Discover how!

Spare-Time at Home…
No expensive location is required… just a spare space that you already have will do just fine. A few evening hours will get you going and you can grow as you go.

Success Stories…
Ron Payle started his mail order book business over 15 years ago and now has a profitable, full time business with hundreds of books in his catalog. He started with one mimeographed book.

A Texas dealer started a few years ago on a part-time basis. Now he has his own warehouse and sells hundreds of book titles in his catalog distributed nationwide.

How-To-Do-It Books sell thousands of copies. Make your money with the books, manuals, directories, booklets, and reports that are the biggest money-making source in the U.S.A.

No Other Source Book Like This! …
This Source Book is totally unique. Do not confuse Michael Penland’s Wholesale Book Sources Manual and Directory with small directories that list a few commonly known sources and give you no inside information. Here you get 64 chock full 8½ x 11 pages of vital current money-making insider information. You Get:

  All major mass market paperback 
        publishers are listed.

  Many major and smaller hardcover
       and soft cover publishers are listed.

  Hundreds of publishers and
      wholesalers that drop ship are listed.

  Unadvertised, hidden sources
      are revealed.

Books costing $1.50 can be sold for $29.95. These huge profits are quite common in the mail order book business. Some books may pay you only 50% profit … but why sell them when you can get 1000% profits. The secret is knowing where to buy them. You’ll learn how in the Wholesale Book Sources and Money Making Secrets manual.

PLUS… You Get Over 100 Book Selling Ideas…
Over 100 tips on how to make more money with books are contained in the Money-Making Book Selling Secrets section. Discover the secrets of book selling success from those who have been making mail order profits!

mail order marketing

You Can Do It…
Yes, you can make a success in the Internet and mail order book business just like others who have been inexperienced and have done it. The first step is to get your own personal copy of Michael Penland's “Wholesale Book Sources and Money Making Ideas” manual.  Start Your Own Profitable Mail Order Book Business. Order… TODAY!!!

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