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Insider Secrets will make your life a free travelfun-filled treasure of FREE TRAVEL!

Others have been working this mother-lode of insider secrets for years. They have kept the valuable know-how to themselves UNTIL NOW. A veteran world traveler has exposed the facts! Now you can do all the FREE TRAVELING you have always wanted to do. Our world traveler has taken his secret notes and put them in an absolutely NEW manual that is available to you for the cost of a single lunch.

Zurich, Paris or Rome!

Yes, my friend, you can be paid to fly to these exciting places. It’s all legal and you are never asked to do a single thing that is not honest. Someone else takes care of all the details and makes all the arrangements for you. You can lead an exciting life. There is something romantic about being called up with a day or two notice, like a foreign correspondent or international spy. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write any newspaper stories or spy on people.

Adventure . . .

Leave for the Far East or London. It can be on short notice or even less spontaneous if you prefer. Opportunities exist both ways. Discover how to get in on this wonderful FREE TRAVEL opportunity. Actual names, addresses, and phone numbers of companies to contact are provided.

Save Your Money

Travel FREE on luxury cruises!

● How to get the airline to pick up the tab!           

FREE hotel rooms in Las Vegas or Atlantic

● Home exchange in foreign countries. Discover 
   how to make the contacts for easily swapping
   a 3-week vacation… a home in England or 
   other exciting spot for your home!

● See Ireland FREE - plus even make money in
   the bargain!

● How to start a travel club. Earn money and

● How to be a travel companion to wealthy
   tourists. Are you friendly, helpful? Then
   FREE TRAVEL can be yours. Full details of
   where to start!

Plus More . . .

● Discover how to buy a new car in Europe and
   save 35%. Full details.

● Discover how to do a little importing while
   you travel...one woman earned a profit of
   $14,000… her story included!

● Cruise lines offer FREE passage!


Get my new “Insider’s Secrets To Free Travel” manual in your hands. Examine it! Judge for yourself the truth of all I have said about it. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. It works! You will discover that FREE TRAVEL can be yours!

Limited number of copies being sold. Yes, we must limit the number of copies so that all who take advantage of all the FREE TRAVEL without being crowded by the many others. You can be the one. If you order within 30 days we will be able to ship your order!

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Get Your Personal Copy NOW!!!

… so you can fly off to London, when you wish too … or spend a week in Morocco bargain hunting. Order...today!


Product #1005 - $29.97



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